Post your news on Inside AHS

Inside AHS is the best way to get your news, announcements and event promos out to our college—and we’ve made it easy.

Submit any recent news or announcements about yourself or your program. And for those of you who feel that sharing news is too “braggy,” remember that the AHS community wants to share in your success. Let’s celebrate you!

Step 1: Add a new news item

Once you’re logged in to Inside AHS, click on the Inside AHS News link on the left menu.


Then click on the Add New button right next to Inside AHS News at the top of the page.


Step 2: Fill out the required fields

There are only a few required fields for news—title and article text. Let’s cover those first.


This is the main title of your post. Make sure you add a title that’s descriptive. Example: “Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award applications open now” is more effective than “Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award.”

Styling tip: No need to capitalize every word in the title! Use sentence case, and don’t include ending punctuation.



Enter your name or, if you’re posting on behalf of someone else, enter their name. This will display at the very top of the article, so anyone reading knows who to contact if they want to know more.


Article text

To add text, scroll down and find the Article Text field. Click the button that says Add Content Component.


You’ll have a few choices, but the most commonly used component is Rich Text. Click that and an editor will appear.


Now just write! In this editor, you can format your text, and add links and bulleted lists.


Step 3: Fill out optional fields

Title, author and article text are the main pieces of news—if that’s all you want to complete, you’re done and can publish now! If you want to go a little further, read on.

Visual element

Have a good photo to accompany your story? You can add a header image, video or slideshow by clicking Add Visual Element and choosing the appropriate component.

To upload an image, click the Add Image button. Simply drag and drop your photo from its location on your computer right on to the Select Image window. It should appear in the gallery with a blue checkbox and border, and also show up on the right side of the gallery. At the bottom right of the Select Image window, click the Select button. Your image must be at least 1440 x 786 px. Need help formatting your photo? We can help.

To include a video, just paste the URL or ID of the video from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. Add a caption if you’d like!

Teaser text and image

Teaser text shows up below your news title on our Inside AHS News Archive. Enter your teaser text—one sentence is ideal—in the Body Excerpt for Teaser field. Example: The story “Shane Phillips awarded $419,700 NIH research grant” has teaser text of “Phillips and fellow researchers to study effects of binge drinking in young adults.”

Images can also be included as a teaser to show in the archive. Follow the same steps above to upload one here.


Step 4: Publish

insideahs_publishAll set? Scroll back up to the top of your page and look for the Publish box in the top right.

Just click the Publish button and you’re all set!

You have the ability to publish changes to your posts any time you’d like. If you’re updating after the first publish, that button will instead say Update.

Note: Your post will not be immediately visible. To keep our site as fast as possible for the end user, there’s a waiting period while our site looks for new changes and publishes them. In general, new posts are visible within 1-2 hours, but changes can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

If you think something went wrong and your changes didn’t go through, let us know!


Thanks for being Inside AHS!